Mongrel Hoard

"Hoarding" is definitely a topic in the air--why are we suddenly obsessed with obsession?
There's the TV show Hoarders (Bill Schwarz says they need to meet the Pickers--ha ha).
Wikipedia has an entry on digital hoarding.
Seth Price in his entertaining but incoherent Teen Image essay also talked about hoarding in the digital context.
OK, that's all, gotta get back to my stuff.

The trees, the trees

Show me a corporate executive who says he has stopped printing manuals for his products or who wants you to do online billing to "save the trees" and I'll show you a liar.
It's about cost savings, which will not be passed on to you.
So sick of these lies--they are everywhere.
Greenwashing BS. Make it stop.

Update: If banks and credit card issuers are so concerned with trees they could stop stuffing promotional materials into their billing envelopes...