Tim Berresheim



Another essay from the Pool journal, by Ry David Bradley, discusses three German painters who have all used the computer in their art: Sigmar Polke (who taught) Albert Oehlen (who taught) Tim Berresheim. Did not know Berresheim's work but the most recent exhibition looks promising. He prints these loopy mechano-gestural abstractions on wood, using 3D imaging techniques to create the "phat" brushstrokes.

The debt to Oehlen's work (especially from the mid-'90s) is obvious but those paintings by Berresheim's teacher mostly combined computer printing and painting, where these just cut out the painting middleman. Use of the wood support might be a good way to add presence or physicality to the super-mediated process but it's impossible to say without seeing a few in person. Am fortunate being in NY to have ogled a few Oehlens but will keep an eye out for actual Berresheims.

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