"Short Scratch Waltz"

"Short Scratch Waltz" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

Some time back I made a drum sample kit of turntable scratch sounds for the Linplug RMV sampler. The kit was messed up because sample start and end times weren't being saved with the project. This bug has been fixed in version 5.08 (I think) and the kit is now more stable. I did this song with a selection of edited scratches and a slight amount of reverb.

You're Weak in These Areas, and You Haven't Even Started Yet

One thing that's vexing about this AFC post and the comments is the degree to which it lionizes Rhizome.org's outgoing director and makes her rumored replacement appear weak by comparison. "Outgoing" is even getting props for a show that hasn't happened yet (the next New Museum Triennial). "Outgoing" was a terrific money-raiser, OK, if you say so, great. Let's give "Incoming" a chance to do something exciting, besides just raise money. "Incoming" might actually be a much better director. Think about that.

Personality is not a requirement for serious music production

The interviewee below may or may not be Gerald Donald, the surviving member of Drexciya, but it sounds like him and in any case these are words to live by:

Why has your music remained so singular?
Endurance is relative to the observer.

Why the anonymity?
The music is more urgent than the organizers of it and should take a place of primary importance, so it does not matter if one is known or not known directly. Personality is not a requirement for serious music production and they should remain separate. When the cult of personality displaces the importance of the creative process, problems begin and degeneracy unfolds.

How did you stay so true to your creativity?
To never compromise their original creative vision and amplify its intensity over time. For it to be definitive, it must increase chronologically.