Have been working on my archive pages, some of which were still being hosted on another server. (I recently said hi to my Digital Media Tree friends and no one said hi back. Eeep, I'm feeling like a squatter -- with six years of accumulated crap that has to be moved out of the house. Maybe if I'd made a few less smart cracks about Facebook and Apple...).
So I put up some new pages, over on the sidebar under "Pages." "Artwork" isn't finished yet and still has many links to old Tree blogs. Am hoping to consolidate those on some "Worst of" pages (Mad Magazine joke).
The FAQ page is gone -- too wordy and who cares.
Sorry to the Tree for overstaying my welcome -- please bear with me -- while I get stuff saved.

Update: Links to old Tree blogs on the "Artwork" page have been replaced by cloned pages or taken down, pending eventual reposting of the content. Stop the presses, right, but I know a handful of people actually looked at that art.

"A-112 Delay Experiments"


"A-112 Delay Experiments" [6.8 MB .mp3]

Ambient dub-style piece where I was seeing what the above modular delay configuration could do with a single throbbing synth note for six three minutes. ("A-112" is the A-112 Doepfer Eurorack 8-bit sampling module.) Beatbox beats and turntable sounds were added throughout most of the tune.

Update, Oct. 2014: Shortened, remixed, and reposted this track. Six minutes was just too indulgent for a mere demo.

The Cage is not the Menagerie, 2

An earlier post compared two Star Trek episodes (aired vs pilot) from the perspective of a secondary character, who happened to be female. Why do this? As I explained in an email,

My reading from Vina's point of view was mostly because The Cage/Menagerie is Pike's story and I thought she needed some attention.
In "The Cage" ending she gets to live life with a VR doll - I don't think Roddenberry cared about her end of the bargain.
I had a similar reaction on first seeing Groundhog Day - it's all about Bill Murray's maturation and development.
Within the logic of the story Andy McDowell essentially sleeps with him on the first date. Only we see all the steps it took for him to become a superhuman sexy beast.

These could be feminist readings but even an insensitive guy knows casually sexist plotting when he sees it.