"Polyphonic LFO Trio"

"Polyphonic LFO Trio" [4.6 MB .mp3]

Four synth parts played polyphonically: sustained chords, then some permutational melodies. (Not using the modular, this is a conventional analog I was testing out before taking it to the shop for some knob repair - more info than you needed, sorry.) At the end, FM modulation adds grit, and I really like the tune at 1:15, which sounds sort of Canterburyish (Egg?), not sure why.
Bass lines and conventional jazz drums were added to make the "trio" with the imaginary synth player.

"Sonic Ute"

"Sonic Ute" [mp3 removed -- a remixed version of this track appears on Bandcamp]

Using the Octatrack sequencer as a midi controller for the modular synth and also as a sampler and multitrack mixer of the sounds thus produced. Still at a primitive stage here but was able to get three parts playing with some simple harmonies. Then, post-production: some of the synths were treated with an "amp simulator" so they sound like guitar distortion. Also some breakbeats underneath.