"Cryptkicker (2013 Mix)" - music vid

I made a video version of the above tune: [Vimeo]. Update: It appears the "HD" button on the control bar, what they're calling high definition, is switched off by default in favor of SD (standard def?). The SD version sucks so I may not use Vimeo anymore if I can't find a way to get rid of it as an option. More on this later. Update 2: Apparently if the video-maker selects "use HD for embeds" for each video posted, that also causes the version on the main Vimeo page to run as HD for the first-time viewer, which seems bass-ackwards. Still checking this out. The Vimeo forums have some griping about this issue.
The embedded version is on my "wider blog." I'd appreciate an email if you see the HD button switched off on Vimeo or the embed. It's supposed to be on.
My Dogma-like principles re: music video:
1. Music and image never "agree" so combinations should be as apathetic as possible.
2. Screen captures of content (photos, GIFs, etc) made with the same dimensions as the host's player (Vimeo's is 960 x 540 pixels, so you may also be capturing "extraneous" background outside the content's borders) assures the least possible amount of resizing during the transcode and therefore more clarity. Update: But Vimeo still makes a fuzzier alternate version to torture perfectionists with (see above).
3. Video editing can augment the music by having cuts timed with changes in musical motifs but should otherwise get out of the way.
ongoing edits as I figure out the vimeo side of this