A Record Breaking Pig

The Weather Channel web page runs video clips from other channels over on its right-hand sidebar.
Currently they have a story called "A Record Breaking Pig."
If you watch with the sound off you never find out what record the pig broke.
Instead, you witness:
A Fox News announcer inside a pigpen speaking into a mic and occasionally patting a pig's back.
Close ups of a very shabby and fat (but not record-breakingly fat) pig, with flies hovering around and landing on its face.
Shots of an owner from rural America also inside the pen, embracing the pig.
Shots of children watching the pig and (in another location) having a party, with a cake that says "Happy Birthday Mr. Chops."
We can infer from this that Mr. Chops is very old, but an intermittent Fox News banner overlaying the video reads: "Pig going for world record." So assuming it's age, no record has been broken, and it's just an excuse to show video of a pig, kids, and some hay.