pacific rimmed


Above are some of Pacific Rim's Kaiju monsters training to battle Earth's giant Jaeger robots before going through the undersea crack in spacetime.

OK, Pacific Rim is entertaining and stupid, as befits a director whose Spanish name translates as William O'Bull. An awe-inspiring melange of gigantism and cavernous spaces.

Was thinking about connections to Japan's Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Giant robots battle alien invaders.
Technicians anxiously watch videogame screens and fret about "sync ratios."
Flashbacks to early appearances of the monsters -- monsters menace small children.
World-weary commander with dark secrets.

But this is just an amiable popcorn movie so nothing really dark happens. The "good" robots don't actually contain biological components of bad aliens, Stringer Bell isn't using children to bring about the apocalypse and/or revive his dead wife, etc.

Stanley Tigerman & G. T. Crabtree

Drawings by the above two accompanying architect Tigerman's 1975 paper "The Formal Generators of Structure," via dataisnature:




Pre-digital design madness. Could also be called "The Structural Generators of Form" or "Look at Our New Rapidograph." Note the apotheosis of the hashtag.