centrifuge enlargement


Was trying to "fix" an older video by substituting the above GIF for the one I used, which had fuzzy enlargement. These black-and-white fill patterns don't like to have sizes changed -- they go all moire. Even using "nearest neighbor" you have to exactly double the size to keep the pixels square. At least I did.
Without belaboring the details, I was able to capture the above as an .avi, but when I inserted it on the timeline with the original .avi I used for the DVD, I got strange artifacts in the final mixdown to .mp4. Not in the above clip but elsewhere in the video. Without the addition of the above, the .mp4 was clean.
I suppose I could take this problem to Rhizome for it's "refurbishing old tech" clinic. "Hi, I have this video from the dawn of time -- 2006 -- that can't be translated into the current hot social media file format of choice." It sounds pathetic. (I let the video stay as it was.)