"Squeaky Arpeggio (Granular)," "The Other James Taylor"

I have two LPs I haven't put up on Bandcamp yet (20 songs total) but in the meantime here are a couple of recent "non-commercial" efforts.

"Squeaky Arpeggio (Granular)" [mp3 removed]

The granular part, running throughout, with and without reverb, was made on the fly with the Qu-Bit Nebulae granular synth/sampler module. As accompaniment I wrote a piano part, quasi-Modernist variations on a quasi-Caribbean theme. [Update, Feb. 22: bumped the gain and reposted.]

"The Other James Taylor" [mp3 removed]

A "groove" made with some scratch samples, drum hits, and various effects on the Octatrack sequencer. The main effects -- delay and comb filter -- are running on Track 8 as a master track.

Update: James Taylor and a much-reworked version of Squeaky are on Bandcamp now.