Art F City mini-thread re GIF Rescue Service

I disagreed with Art F City on its support of a ladder competition for GIFs.

While ArtFCity supports the neoliberal model of GIFs as mano-a-mano, "fuck your buddy" capitalist competition, complete with a ladder of winners and losers and hokey flames in the background,, a kinder, gentler website, announces "Operation GIF Rescue" [subsequently changed to GIF Rescue Service"], where the "losers" of these dogfights will be given deserving homes. [This comment went into moderation when I changed the URL - whoops.]

Paddy replied:

I support "Operation GIF rescue." I see the tourney as a way to get people engaged and have some fun, and pulling good gifs off the site and talking about them critically helps that cause.

Then I decided to change the name (too much like a certain pro-death organization):

Please note that the name and post title has been changed to GIF Rescue Service. Competition is not fun but rescue warms the hearts of millions.

I received one email from someone else disturbed by the "competition ladder for art" concept. Would be interested in others' commentary - please see email address on my About page. Let me know if you prefer name, initials, or anon. One of the nice things about is that while the "fav count" can get you to the "top of the directory," hackers easily game the count and then every few months the site goes kerflooey and resets everyone to zero. All that said, "GIF Rescue Service" will also intermittently rescue dumps from the instant obscurity of "dropping off the front page" -- our editors have already been doing that for a few years, but without a public-spirited name.