tweet prioritization via font size: a hypothetical

Here's how the discussion from the previous post might look using twitter's new design:

tommoody: in its options for comment display (oldest, newest, best) disqus defaults to best, which means "most upvotes" in developerspeak

tommoody: the livefyre comment company refers to its most liked (shouldn't that be lyked) comments as "top comments" rather than "best"

tommoody: when in fact, the "best" or "top" comments could be the ones no one "likes" because they're "ahead of their time"

20bux: the comment royalty will soon return to power and tell us which comments are truly top

tommoody: ha ha re: the "comment royalty" -- I'd settle for "oldest" and "newest" and no determination of "best" at all

20bux: yes..... the light of god will shine down upon those worthy comments and their Topness will be self evident

tommoody: reading skill makes the Topness of comments not have to be self-evident and maybe that is a form of divine intervention