RSS reader list (update)

An addition to our feed reader list: bloglovin'

Yes, blogs still get love, goddamit, even though the rest of y'all have your little "Facebook walls."
Here's the bloglovin' layout for
Was just thinking today how Wikipedia and legacy blogs are the last traces of the volunteer web, before we all decided we were Ayn Rand (and let some bigger Ayn Rand make all the money off our rugged individualism). So it's interesting that startup types still have an interest in scraping legacy content at this late stage. However, it's like my page is "tumblr-ized," removing the few (minimal) personal touches. And since it's RSS I'm getting "potential exposure" but no kickback for my content magic. (FYI, I didn't sign up to create that page -- bloglovin' found the feed on a list somewhere.)