michael phelan




Michael Phelan, untitled works (Four Humps, Mesa Tan; Three Humps, Red; Two Humps, Mesa Tan), 2014
Powder-coated structural steel tubing

Have written about Phelan's work a number of times (for Artforum, Very, Sculpture, and "the blogosphere") and noticed that he was showing last month at Horton Gallery in NYC. I missed it but am liking these images above, from the gallery website. Phelan hews close to the crossover point where minimalist art could be confused for public works or lifestyle accoutrements. Out on the street these "hump" works might be bicycle racks, or '60s playground fixtures. Indoors, they have the reverent display that drives haters of minimal art to distraction. I sincerely wish Phelan the best and hope he will be able to rise above the context of Horton, which I know mainly as a gallery/dealer that shows interesting Texas artists (e,g., Ed Blackburn, Ludwig Schwarz, John Pomara) and drops them after one or two shows. It would almost be better for them not to have NY exhibitions than to be treated that way. Phelan is based in NYC and Marfa, so maybe he'll escape the Horton curse.