other people's thoughts on facebook jonesin'

1. Rene Abythe shows us in graphic form what is happening in the brain of the painter with the Facebook open studio that we ridiculed in the previous post (click image for full-size version, previously posted on dump.fm):


2. From wierdnumber: "[science fiction] lampoon of the idea of a 'like economy' though the site which hosts it is quick to follow it with a 'like this on facebook' button"

3. From Miracle Jones' short story "Ladykiller":

[a man talking to his fiancee] "We are gonna talk about Facebook in the future like our parents talk about cocaine," he said. "Man, I can’t even remember that decade. I was on Facebook the whole time. I met your mother on Facebook. I did so much Facebook that my balls went numb and I could only fuck on Facebook. You want to see pictures? They are on Facebook."