corny-core variation


Seacrestcheadle destroys the hopes of aspiring self-promoters with this interpretation of Ryder Ripps' interpretation of Adrianne Ho's self-interpretation as a "brand model."
Ripps' Adrianne Ho project was covered here last summer -- it's just now reached the public stage (in the form of a painting show at Postmasters gallery) where it can be denounced by the critics. Artnet's Paddy Johnson made her own predictions about the Postmasters event part of her review -- always a sound critical practice -- but apparently missed that Ripps' "corny-core" tumblr preceded the show by six months, had already been covered, and wasn't just a "custom slideshow" to accompany the exhibit.
Hadn't planned to revisit this but her review inspired a couple of tweets:

what artnet calls ryder ripps' "custom slideshow" explains the Adrianne Ho project much more lucidly and amusingly than the artnet review Jan 31

artnet defends self-objectifying fashion model from artist's touchscreen defacement -- who will be defended next -- how about @McDonalds Feb 1