geo-scramble prototypes

[HTML table version removed; see GIF version]

the left panel was made with GIMP and Online Image Editor; the right was made with GIMP (after I figured out how to use it)
At some point I converted these backgrounds to "indexed color" (don't know how) -- this meant I couldn't change the color using the bucket fill (don't know why).
I learned from "help" that I could change the image "mode" from indexed to RGB.
That enabled me to add the background colors.

ffog mix of my tunes on anonradio; my mix of other ppl's tunes coming monday

ffog (Joel Cook) does a regular internet radio show on anonradio called Please & Discomfort.
On August 18, his set included about an hour of my tunes, which he streamed from my Bandcamp pages. An archived version of this linkjayed mix is available, so check it out: [mp3]

I appreciated hearing his choices -- thanks, ffog!

On Monday night, 11 pm (Central), Midnight (Eastern), I'll be doing a guest mix for ffog's show. Will post details on Monday (Aug 31). These will be tunes I like by other people, including vintage prog, current-ish techno, and 60s soundtrack music.



drawn with Linux MyPaint

Posted this earlier and took it down because it was meshing poorly with the surrounding imagery (no pun intended). This is an ongoing problem with the blog format.
The high contrast rough weave background is a MyPaint default so I'm treating it as a found image. It's kind of nuts -- the "natural" fiber is almost pure pixel art when you inspect it closely. The watercolor effects of the paint program don't so much soak into this weave as hover in front of it. All this puts it into "so bad it's good" territory, at least conceptually.