chattin bout tweetin

systematically_oppositional twitter keeps sending me nagware popups asking for my phone number
systematically_oppositional 1-800-SATAN
systematically_oppositional they also publish my email address in large type at the top of my timeline asking me to confirm it's still current
systematically_oppositional i would love to send an electromagnetic pulse to their server and taser the company executives at the same time
hypocrisy_detector thats awfully violent for a free service you're voluntarily using
systematically_oppositional it's not free -- they've been exploiting my intellectual labor since 2008
systematically_oppositional all i ask is not to be nagged
hypocrisy_detector voluntary intellectual labor, but yeah, it's annoying
hypocrisy_detector i wish they would just acknowledge you don't want 2-factor and move on
systematically_oppositional it's not voluntary -- social media is "indispensable" to living in the modern world
systematically_oppositional and yes they will never rest until i give them more factors