Cloning Aura - interview re: surf clubs


The interview I did a few months ago on the topic of Nasty Nets and internet surf clubs is being published by Link Editions, in connection with the book Cloning Aura. Art in the Age of Copycats by Chiara Moioli. The interview appears in a browsable form at A PDF version is forthcoming via Lulu. From the Link Editions post:

The Surfer’s Conspiracy. Investigating with Tom Moody digs deep into Surfing Clubs and the way they turned the practice of appropriation into a natural attitude, with the help of one of the most active surfers and of the best critical voices in this scene.

This publication is a spin-off of the book project Cloning Aura. Art in the Age of Copycats, by Chiara Moioli: an essay that explores the close relation between practices of appropriation an, going through Postmodernism, 70s-80s subcultural movements, and the Surfing Club generation. This is the second of five interviews (Florian Cramer, Tom Moody, Vittore Baroni, Vuk Ćosić and Cory Arcangel) in English and Italian, that will follow in the upcoming weeks. The book, in Italian, will be available on our shelves from mid March 2016.

The interviews are being published in weekly installments on the Link website.