digital residency at in progress

My residency at (the online component of London's Gazelli Art House gallery) began yesterday.

First post and intro/bio

Second post

Archive with artists who have participated so far (Laura Brothers, Philip Colbert, Hyo Myoung Kim, Giovanna Olmos)

The plan is to stick with a consistent style for a month even if it kills me. It will be a mix of things I've posted here and new work. My bio reads:

Tom Moody is an artist based in New York City, who makes low-tech art with simple imaging programs, scanners, and consumer printers. In his recent work he uses a Linux PC and open source software, “to see what kinds of results and effects I can achieve,” he says. “These are all ‘default’ Linux programs employed here, and drawings made with a tablet rather than the command line.”

I had some more stuff ranting about Apple and Windows but decided to give it a rest.