"Downsampled Rave Stomp"

"Downsampled Rave Stomp" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

This tune uses a couple of hardware sampler modules. Many of the sounds are reduced from a CD-quality 16 bit depth/44.100 sample rate to 8 bits and/or a 22.050 Khz sample rate, in order to be playable in the modules. When the samples are triggered at different pitches they lose some further sound quality. But then they are recorded and mixed with other sounds in Ableton at "32 bit float" (that is, high quality). Ableton changes the speeds again so they conform with the pitch and bpm of the project. Then the samples are saved back down to mp3. Small wonder some of these "stabs" are the audio equivalent of passed-around, screenshotted Instagrams (note topical reference).