matt taibbi, ex-rss, on the leaked DNC emails

Rolling Stone decided in its wisdom to deactivate the RSS feed for Matt Taibbi's essays. You know, because of progress and the web being Facebook now, whatever.


Taibbi's employers support the Clintons, so he has to write more gently when he criticizes the improper Democratic National Committee tactics that helped doom the Sanders campaign before Sanders self-doomed. Sadly, Taibbi also seems to have accepted the Clinton disinformation about the leaked DNC emails being a "Russian hack," which they then bizarrely tied to Trump. The proof for the Russian connection is weak but the media ran with it, successfully deflecting the story from the awfulness of the DNC emails. Taibbi at least attempts to walk readers through what was sleazy about the DNC's fundraising practices.

The best Democratic Convention coverage came from Counterpunch's Jeffrey St. Clair [1 / 2 / 3 / 4], wearing rubber waders while trudging through the you-know-what.

"Piano Exercise 1"

"Piano Exercise 1" [5 MB .mp3]

Have been listening to Carl Orff's Klavier-├╝bung and got inspired to make some "exercises." Having a human player for this would be appreciated -- MIDI doesn't handle loud and soft velocity (dynamics) very well so this version is mostly loud.



you know, The GIF, with cate blanchett and keanu reeves
they make GIFs but then are faced with a terrible choice
there were hidden frames in that GIF
russian hackers were involved
played by katie holmes and greg kinnear

they thought he was a leader

There's much sneering on the interwebs about naive Sanders supporters believing they could ever have free college. It's still a good idea, though, eminently affordable by siphoning off a fraction of US military spending or insisting that top earners actually pay their taxes. The sneerers also had a heyday with crying Sanders supporters at the DNC convention last night. Again, how are they supposed to feel when their guy rolls over at the crucial moment, or worse, plays them for suckers. It was a sad occasion.