"Three A-112s"

"Three A-112s" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Arpeggiesque dirge made with Doepfer A-112 modules, ADDAC wav player, Segoh BIT-ROT cartridge playing in Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP effects module, and Ableton Live.
The main sound sources are 11 piano notes played in various modules and software. The timbres change due to alterations in bit depth, sample rate, compression, and loop length.
The Bit Rot cartridge doesn't use the piano samples, but instead "interleaves" and sample-reduces a pure sine wave (in the left stereo channel) and triangle (in the right). Various program settings in the cartridge are played with a sequencer, similarly to what's shown in the demo. Ultimately it's hard to tell the Bit Rot tunes from the A-112 tunes -- it's all pretty crunchy.
I also used some hi hat samples in the A-112s but resisted the urge to add any more drums to the track since the waveforms are already so full-on noisy.
No actual arpeggiators were used -- I wrote this using knob settings and the MIDI piano roll. The ADDAC player has a random trigger circuit that is used in a couple of places.