clinton foundation timeline

A Democratic voter concerned about the Clinton e-mail scandal has created a timeline website -- based on public sources -- that attempts to keep all the facts straight. A big part of the story is The Clinton Foundation (Bill's charity), which was very popular with foreign governments and investors while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State. The Foundation has its own skeptical timeline  [1 / 2 / 3 / 4]. Read it and tell me you want these people back in the White House.

clinton mean nicknames

1. Hellery or Hitlery
...frequently used by left-leaning bloggers, ironically appropriating rightwingers who fear the Clintons for different reasons

2. Imelda Clinton
...via naked capitalism commenter "polecat"

What’s to say, after the presumed anointment of Imelda Clinton, that she doesn’t start to escalate the Ukraine clusterfuck to 11 on the dial, so as to direct scrutiny elsewhere, ... igniting the big one ??

duck n cover-----------

3. Crooked Hillary
...Trump's name for her on Twitter -- say what you will about him, he's not wrong

4. Queen of Chaos
...Pepe Escobar

5. Killary
...from roadrider. Seems harsh but Killary did say "we came, we saw, he died"

6. Hillary Clanton
...extrapolating from naked capitalism commenter JTMcPhee's reference to the "Clanton Campaign Machine." Does this make the Trump family the Earps?

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