"Deep Blue Mainframe"

"Deep Blue Mainframe" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Recorded/arranged in Ardour (Linux version).

Burbling along throughout, some live recordings of the Doepfer A-155 triggering the A-112 sampler, playing Adventure Kid "fm synth" and "vgame" waveforms in wavetable mode.

For accompaniment, several Linux softsynths: Loomer Aspect, Calf Monosynth, and one not used before, PhaseX. It's not a plugin like the others; instead, MIDI out from Ardour (via JACK) triggers the synth. Simultaneously JACK brings PhaseX's audio output into Ardour for recording and further editing. This required using Ardour's latency compensation, which I thought was only for hardware, but it helped to get PhaseX mostly in sync with the Ardour grid.

For percussion, the ADDAC 101 and 111 wav players, again triggered by the A-155; with samples from a couple of NI Battery kits, OpaSID and OpenSource. Some additional beats from the E-Mu Orbit soundfonts play in Calf's Fluidsynth ROMpler.

None of this has anything to do with Deep Blue or mainframes.