postmortem from the sanders side

Some people who considered Clinton the "lesser evil" candidate tarred everyone else (Sanders supporters, Greens, Libertarians) as "Trump voters." They're still doing it -- a less contrite bunch you will not find.

As Carl Beijer notes, Sanders himself is taking the high road after Clinton's defeat but that shouldn't stanch criticism of a lousy campaign by his supporters. (Which the news media is predictably tut-tut-ing about.)

It's pretty easy to understand why they would be angry: by just about every metric imaginable, Hillary Clinton led one of the worst presidential campaigns in modern history. It was a profoundly reactionary campaign, built entirely on rolling back the horizons of the politically possible, fracturing left solidarity, undermining longstanding left priorities like universal healthcare, pandering to Wall Street oligarchs, fomenting nationalism against Denmark and Russia, and rehabilitating some of history's greatest monsters - from Bush I to Kissinger. It was a grossly unprincipled campaign that belligerently violated FEC Super PAC coordination rules and conspired with party officials on everything from political attacks to debate questions...