ProporNot sounds like a Ryder Ripps concept website -- is it propaganda or not? Click here.
In fact it appears to be the work of disgruntled Clinton supporters -- bitter-enders or dead-enders (as Rumsfeld called Iraqis who kept fighting after the US liberated them).
ProporNot publishes a ridiculous list of purportedly Putin-influenced US websites, which were supposedly scientifically studied (perhaps using Ada?) by someone -- we don't know who because it's anonymous -- looking for dissemination of obvious Kremlin memes, such as "Hillary Clinton $225,000 speaking fee" or "Hillary Clinton public and private position."
This garbage was then approvingly cited by the Amazon Washington Post and Clinton flunky Neera Tanden as "evidence" that Russians are back to their dirty old cold war tricks, and no one can be trusted.
If you've been reading any of these sites because the Amazon Washington Post, Conde Nast Reddit, and eBay Intercept aren't 100% reliable, you will laugh at who made it onto the list.
There's the libertarian and rubbing shoulders with the left-wing and, and the left-leaning financial website Naked Capitalism alongside the right-leaning financial website David Stockman's Contra Corner. This ideologically diverse group can't all be Putin stooges, can they?
The main attribute these sites seem to have had in common was skepticism about the Clintons' need to return to power.