My enemy gave me a museum


Detail of a photo by Ron Pollard (from a slideshow of his work).
Pollard's caption for the image, which depicts a billboard flacking Denver's Clyfford Still museum, is "Needlessly Menacing Cultural Advertisement."
Amen to that. Clyfford Still liked to depict himself as a gaunt son of the prairie, standing tall against cultural gnomes, but he lived in NYC for years, networking like every other painter, and then taught in San Francisco, acquiring student disciples for his towering ego.
In the '90s it looked highly unlikely that any city was going to comply with the terms of Still's will, which required that all his work be kept together and installed in a civic museum dedicated solely to him. Denver bit, finally, and is now committed to enhancing his legacy as a trowel-wielding American competitive individualist. Enjoy this work, or die, weakling.

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