Facebook Hall of Ignominy

New feature here at tommoody.us. Occasionally, when our editors notice a blogosphere blog that has moved over to Facebook we will note it and make fun of it. Guys, the trend by now should be to move away from Facebook, not to sell your soul so Mark Zuckerberg can buy another home near his home so no one can live near him.

Today's hall-of-ignominy-er:

Dataisnature. We followed this blog for years and then noticed its RSS feed wasn't active. It's posting the same type of material on Facebook now. The page design is less elegant, the posts are shorter, people's (contentless) comments and "shares" are appended to each post on the front page, and members of the non-Facebook-joining public have a big "join now" banner permanently blocking part of the page. Oh, yeah, that's progress!

"But, Tom, that blog can now scale to the rich world of social media! Before we didn't know how many people liked this content and now it's numerically quantified, and we know for a certainty how popular it is."