it's too soon to be complacent

Several liberal blogs I read, anguished about the "inexplicable" election loss of the noble, honest, highly competent Hillary Clinton, have eagerly jumped on revelations by the "IC" (euphemism for US spy agencies) that the Soviet Union, that is, Russia, influenced the outcome of the contest!

It was understandable that the Russians would want a socialist anti-militarist in the White House, but it's going a tad far to think they could have engineered the Sanders win. Sanders is more of a Roosevelt Democrat than a "commie" -- he's not against capitalism per se. There was certainly plenty of "dirt" on Clinton to turn Democrats against her at the primary stage, without alleging foreign influence. And it's obvious that once Sanders was in, he didn't need any additional help in the form of "hacking" to beat Trump.

It's too soon to be complacent about President-elect Sanders' hard-fought election victory -- we need to support him now, against this propaganda "soft coup" by disgruntled Washington insiders. Pass this post along, share it on social media, send it to newspapers, write letters to the editor -- support President-elect Sanders!