MX-80 Sound: "Cry Uncle," "So Clear"

"Cry Uncle" [Bandcamp]
"So Clear" [Bandcamp]

From their 2005 LP We're an American Band (wait -- wasn't that Grand Funk Railroad?)
Rich Stim's vocals and words were a high point of the late '70s "fuck you" phase of rock. (E.g., PCBs / Crushed Ice / Tidal Wave / Kid Stuff.) It's great to hear him still being bleak and funny, decades after "punk." One mistake of MX-80 Sound's two early '80s Ralph Records releases was submerging Stim's vocalisms in the mix. The earlier LP Hard Attack found a better balance of discordant guitar and cheeky lyrics.
"Cry Uncle" and "So Clear" adopt a slower pace but you won't find much better psychedelic nihilist rapping on the market these days.