twitter navel-gazing

Posted a new music release -- embeds to follow. Have been "promoting" these on twitter but feel increasingly uncomfortable doing that. One, because twitter is a horrible cluttered mess of photos, media and ads these days, swallowing up expression. Two, because twitter is becoming "Orwellian," or more Orwellian, as discussed by comedian/commentator Jimmy Dore: [hooktube video]

As Dore notes (quoting Mark Ames), anyone to the left of Hillary Clinton could qualify as a Russian disinformation agent, so Twitter may be arbitrarily suppressing legitimate dissent. Who wants to be in that environment? Mark Ames, obviously, but who else?






Certain friends and former friends believe that (i) the US had no problems under Obama, (ii) Hillary Clinton was an acceptable alternative to orange cheetoh-head, (iii) all the problems in the US began with the Orange One's election, (iv) the Deep State is our friend because it wants to depose Orange Cheetoh-head, (v) allegations of Russian disinfomation are good, noble, and true, because they serve the cause of deposing the orange one. These people are to be pitied; some may still be friends when they come to their senses and quit parroting CNN talking points.