Tyler Kline virtual (?) sculpture


Tyler Kline, via twitter

This is a jpeg mini-review. Is this a virtual photo? A 3D printed object? Some hybrid of the two? What is the scale? No "materials" or dimensions are given. Regardless, it works for me as a piece, or a prospectus for one. Gestural energy, fecal texture, and quasi-crystalline structure merge into a hyperrealized idea of modernist sculpture. Like a '60s sf book cover in 3D space. The rectangular base suggests "sculpture" but also a painting surface from which this tangle of forms has somehow erupted. It's the kind of project I could imagine Frank Stella wanting to make, but always lacking the imagination or inner turmoil to achieve (Stella, in his "wrecked spaceship" period, mostly just artlessly clumps things together). The 3D sheen also gives the work a CGI horror movie vibe, a la Michael Bay Transformers. There is also a clone tool element, or a parody of the ease with which digital cloning allows the repetition of certain forms.