mexican horror, 1970s quasi-scary tv movies, etc

Adding things to a blogroll is so 2004, but regardless, I recently found The Dwrayger Dungeon, which takes screenshots of great crap movies and tv shows (mostly of the psychotronic variety) and arranges the shots in top-to-bottom narratives, with captions channeling the style of an enthusiastic 13-year-old circa 1962. Here's an example, chosen at random, from a post on the classic Mexican horror film The Witch's Mirror:

witch's mirror

The poster below isn't from one of those narratives, but rather a collection of DVD covers and magazine ads for 1970s made-for-tv movies that would have been lost to the mists of time were it not for sites like The Dwrayger Dungeon:

devil dawg

woof woof -- ruff ruff -- scratches -- gnaws on bone in corner