youth culture: login required

Simon Reynolds: "Boiler Room has launched a new platform - 4:3 - dedicated to a wide range of underground film, video art, documentary, and found footage, connected by themes of 'performance, identity, youth culture and anti-establishment.'" Don your hoodie and login with Facebook, or create an account, because they, like, need your data before you can experience, like, youth culture, and be all anti-establishment and shit.


Update: Reader SG sent instructions on how to remove the "annoying login overlay" in Firefox and view the page normally. As SG points out, "Of course, it's hardly worth it, since all you get out of it is access to a youtube playlist.* And clicking on one of the videos will open a new page with the overlay you have to turn off again." SG also notes -- commenting on Simon Reynolds' statement that "Boiler Room has launched a new platform":

Remember when Platform launched Boiler Room? I mean, Boiler Room used to be part of a British site called Platform. [Link to web archive page from 2010]

Thanks, SG.

*with mini-commentaries from Simon Reynolds that require additional clicks or taps to expand --tm