audiocassette j-card - preliminary (2)



I have a series of music releases on bandcamp, Generic PC (Vols 1-5) that I was thinking about condensing to a 60 minute cassette tape.
Am experimenting with what can be done with a home printer. The above packaging is a placeholder to test size and potential layout.
Probably the track listing will be in smaller type.
I bought tape supplies a few years ago from a US business, National Audio Company. They have since stopped offering blank cassettes with "Chrome Type ii High Bias" (the standard above-average tape sold by companies like Maxell before The Man killed analog).
Possibly quite a few indie musicians were surprised to learn that no company makes this chrome tape anymore. NAC had been buying it in bulk from pre-digital-era manufacturers and respooling it onto their blanks.
I still have a box of their chrome tapes left but I need to rethink my "marketing." I'd been offering 10-song releases on a single side of a 40 minute tape. This now feels (more) wasteful. So my next releases will be two-sided, which means I won't have room on the label to list the songs and track times, and I'll need to make j-cards (which I had been avoiding).
NAC's pre-scored j-card stock doesn't print very sharply, unfortunately. I will likely use Epson "Enhanced Matte" paper and hand trim the j-cards. See above for initial tests.

Update: Instead of the Generic PC release, have decided my first two-sided tape will be a collection of beats I made from 2007-2013. Am appropriating some of the packaging ideas and graphics above for that tape.