inverted parallel universe pong


gif frame by andrej ujhazy (animated version)

tm: this is a very weird space -- a stereographic- or lenticular-like tabletop landscape that "flexes" in sync with pseudo-handheld camera movements




joel cook HTML modification

tm: interesting mirrored landscape pong game ("trap the monolith between two universes")

jc: i took one of andrej's gifs and rotated it over itself using a css blend mode, with that old pong gif stuck between them

ganbred pooch


by Samantha Ayres, via bogchat

I haven't commented yet on ganbreeder, one of those AI image-generators that seems to have been taken over by demons (contrary to the happy-talk intentions of its creators).
Artists have been quick to seize its potential for strange visions where the viewer seems to be "dreaming in jpegs."

One Solid Production (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 31st Bandcamp release, One Solid Production [embedded player removed].

Liner notes for the LP:

"This is one solid production"
"I just one need one solid production"
Many of the tracks are single-take recordings of Machinedrum & Octatrack playing songs programmed in their "arrangers." No improv, no knob turning, just composition and changing parameters.
A Eurorack mixer (made with I/O, mixer and compressor modules) binds the tracks together and hopefully adds some analog oomph.
Other Eurorack sounds, softsynth riffs, and samples from vinyl also find their way in here.

If you'd like to support this blog (now in its 18th, ad-free year) buying the occasional Bandcamp song or LP is a great way to do that.