inverted parallel universe pong


gif frame by andrej ujhazy (animated version)

tm: this is a very weird space -- a stereographic- or lenticular-like tabletop landscape that "flexes" in sync with pseudo-handheld camera movements




joel cook HTML modification

tm: interesting mirrored landscape pong game ("trap the monolith between two universes")

jc: i took one of andrej's gifs and rotated it over itself using a css blend mode, with that old pong gif stuck between them

ganbred pooch


by Samantha Ayres, via bogchat

I haven't commented yet on ganbreeder, one of those AI image-generators that seems to have been taken over by demons (contrary to the happy-talk intentions of its creators).
Artists have been quick to seize its potential for strange visions where the viewer seems to be "dreaming in jpegs."