imdb, discogs, merriam webster can't be added to firefox search bar anymore?

Firefox users: If you search the web using the address bar sorry to hear it. If you don't like commingling web browsing with searching and use the "search bar," you may have noticed some changes. Until recently Firefox had add-ons available allowing users to add Discogs, IMDb, and Merriam Webster to their list of search engines. Firefox appears to have removed these handy tools and replaced them with add-ons enabling the user to (i) select text on a browser page, (ii) right-click and choose one of these databases from the context menu, and (iii) find the selected text there. If the word you're searching doesn't appear on your browser page you're f*cked -- you can no longer search IMDb, Discogs, or Merriam Webster directly from your browser. This is not progress! If this is incorrect please email and this post will be updated.

Earlier example of de-improved search.

Update: The above comments pertain to Firefox running on a laptop with (holds nose) Windows 10. Linux Mint, on its search engine page, offers IMDb and Merriam Webster but not Discogs as Firefox add-ons.