film art disclaimers

“I see filmmaking as a business and pity anyone who regards it as an art form."

--Herschell Gordon Lewis (director of Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs, The Wizard of Gore, etc)

"We have not aimed for the single picture that is going to make us rich. We are looking for the business that's like turning out Ford cars or anything else. If there is a certain profit per picture and we make so many pictures, then we have established a business that is on a basis that's economical."

--Barry Mahon (director of The Dead One, Pagan Island, Musical Mutiny, Thumbelina, etc)

“I’d shoot one day on this stuff and throw it together. . . . I was in the business to make money. I never, ever tried in any way to compete, or to make something worthwhile. I only did enough to get by, so they would buy it, so it would play, and so I’d get a few dollars. It’s not very fair to the public, I guess, but that was my attitude.”

--Jerry Warren (director of The Wild World of Batwoman, Frankenstein Island, etc)