Melding Principle (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 36th Bandcamp release, Melding Principle.

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Liner notes for the LP:

24 samples I culled from mid-'80s art rock and late-'00s noise band music serve as the foundation for these tracks. The samples were loaded into the Octatrack sequencer (for two of the songs) and Qu-Bit Nebulae Eurorack modules (for eight of the songs), where they were "mangled," as instrument makers like to say.
Version 1 of the Nebulae was used, manufactured before Qu-Bit inexplicably removed MIDI control in Version 2. Some of the Nebulae tunes were triggered with MIDI from an Expert Sleepers ESX-8MD module, connected via the Silent Way software plugin suite in Ableton Live.
Final recording and editing of the tracks was done with Tracktion's Waveform sequencer.
The vibe here is "gritty," as the instrument makers also like to say.
Thanks to the St Celfer archive for the NordPlusAlarmClock sample.
If other samples aren't mangled sufficiently to be unrecognizable, please let me know and I'll mangle them further.

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