guest DJ set list (April 1, 2021) - prog, jazz, postpunk & detroit techno

Thanks to ffog for inviting me to guest-DJ again on his weekly internet radio show, Myocyte.
The mix was "simulcast" on anonradio and tilderadio, and has been archived by anonradio (scroll down to "Ffog - Pleasure & Discomfort Myocyte"). An mp3 version of the mix is here: [1 hr mp3]

While the tracks were playing I "announced" via text chat on the #sally and #tilderadio channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Listeners could comment or ask questions. This is an interesting way to DJ, very different from my old FM radio days and a few steps up aesthetically from having everyone's data and souls leeched out on spotify, etc.

Set list and notes for the show:

If - Shadows and Echoes (1970)

The Residents - Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) (1982) - some vintage Emulator here

X-eleven - Burn It Up (1990) - Dallas techno

Dan Curtin - Luminous Seed Domain (2000)

Weather Report - The Juggler (1977)

Todd Rundgren - Maybe I Could Change the World - live performance, mid '80s

The French Are From Hell - Better Off Dead (cassette 1980) - Washington DC band [YouTube]

Chrome - Eyes in the Center -- from Red Exposure, 1980

Whiteman - Congratulations (1988) - Dallas band feat. Mark Griffin on guitar, pre-MC 900 Ft Jesus [YouTube]

Ensemble Ambrosius, performing Frank Zappa's Uncle Meat on medieval instruments (2000)

Sole Tech, Sole Waves, remixer unknown, Detrechno label (1994)

Saib, Tropics, from Sailing (Bandcamp 2018)

Made by Robot, The Worst Journey in the World - Monome Community - HAITI 2010 (Bandcamp compilation)

Lortica - Trou De Trou , from Mialle Tapes - (Bandcamp 2014)