artist bios on Discogs that are too long and/or contain hype

As previously noted, the record-collecting website Discogs uses volunteer labor for much of its thankless editing chores. These laborers attempt to make sure the database conforms to the site's Guidelines, which require, among other things, no hype in artist biographies. The list below appeared on a forum thread about hype-containing artist pages that still need to be edited down to a few neutral, informative sentences.
I am reproducing the links here purely for humor and bathos. In theory, all these bios will be made less fabulous, but it's hard to imagine any of the authors going down without a fight, no matter how experienced or adept the editing.

Update: I parked this ridiculously long list here so I could chuckle at these at my leisure. I've noticed a few that actually don't contain hype; I'll remove ones that seem normal to me.

Tom Reich
Tom Jones
Alan Bell (3)
Brian Keane
Eddie Giles
Anders Lundqvist
Fluid (28)
Joey Argiro
John Paul Musser
Maurizio Cerantola
Ray Wilson
The 49 Americans
Bob Stubbs
Michael Siegl (2)
Andrea Gabriele
Richard Blohm
Mick Karn
Kim Larsen
Bass Bastards
DJ Patife
The Ritchie Family
Noro Morales
Alceu Valença
The Accents (5)
José Melis
Brian West
Ali Chant
Gareth Jones
Social Club (3)
Bobby Emmons
The Balladurians
Steven Frederick Cook
Tommy Scott (7)
Kasey Taylor & Chris Meehan
Chris Hill
Peppe Voltarelli
Nathaniel Glover
The Malta Bums
The Gerogerigegege
Harris Chalkitis
Nox Arcana
5D Psychic Systems
Carla Magnan
The Persuasions
Miguel Valbuena
Buck Ram
Mhax Montes
Fashion 6
Stan Lokhin
Charly Lownoise
DJ Alex Cervera
Eddie Cochran
Wild Turkey
Antonio Conte (3)
French Fries
Desakato Dada
Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners
Lou Bonnevie
Sakai (8)
Benedetti & Svoboda
Tammy (17)
Hittar Cuesta
Lord Of The Lost
Atomic Simao
AGSO Quartet
Eyre Llew
La Vierge Du Chancelier Rolin
DJ Sarasa
Ronnie Dove
Morgan Visconti
Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs
Victor Castro (Pt)
Hornsman Coyote
Timo Manson
Aztec Sun
Damian Kozub
Rafael Kozub
Treat (2)
BK Duke
Cecil Washington
Serial Cut™
The Bo-Keys
The Cedars (2)
Christine Ott
Anfisa Letyago
Léon Destroismaisons
Ryan Carter
José Luis Feliciano Vega
Azam Ali
E.L. Me
Johnny Favourite
God's Grandparents
Peter Caelen
Freddy K
Mako Sugita
Andrea Celeste
Norma Ray
Danny Eaton
Zé Ramalho
Professor Trance
Ace Frehley
Artefactos de Dolor
Klaus Munzert
Phat Fred
Kunt And The Gang
Enrico Rava
Eric Cody
Edward Buadee
Taggy Tones
Véronique Labbé
Lil Knock (2)
Brian Harris (8)
William Oscar Smith