guest DJ set list (June 17, 2021) - Electro & Synthpop

Thanks to ffog for inviting me to guest-DJ again on his weekly internet radio show, Myocyte.
The mix was "simulcast" on anonradio and tilderadio, and has been archived by anonradio (scroll down to "Ffog - Pleasure & Discomfort Myocyte"). An mp3 version of the mix is here: [1 hr mp3] (The show was broadcast at 1 am on June 18 UTC, which is 8 pm Central, June 17, in the US.)

While the tracks were playing I "announced" via text chat on the #sally and #tilderadio channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Listeners could comment or ask questions. This is an interesting way to DJ, very different from my old FM radio days and a few steps up aesthetically from having everyone's data and souls leeched out on spotify, etc.

Set list and notes for the show:

Madalyn Merkey - Gypsy Woman (2021) - Standards LP (MIDI versions of rave and techno favorites)

Greg Hawkes - Ants in Your Pants (1983) - Niagara Falls (solo LP by keyboardist for The Cars)

Groenland Orchester - Tonika Oase (2001) - Nurobic LP

I-f - Secret Desire (1999) - The Man from PACK

Rubba - Movement (1982) (library-type music by two ex-Soft Machine members Mike Ratledge & Karl Jenkins)

Atomic Robo Kid - Magical Sound Shower (2000)

DJ Good Groove - Rock It (1998)

Mundo - "Music - The Question" (1998) - (early release by Dallas DJ who later produced dubstep & UK garage)

Mantronix - Who Is It? (12" Club Mix) (1986)

Dopplereffekt - Infophysix (1996)

-MG- (Marc Green) "Wo Gehobelt Wird..." 12 inch (2000)

Rubba - Circles (1982) - Movement LP

John Andrew Medeiros - The Pied Piper Music Video (2018) - YouTube

The Weathermen - Tar Pit (1988) - The Black Album According to the Weathermen LP