streaming cinema from the other hemisphere


I watched these on Tubi, using an adblocker. Links are to IMDb, which -- impartial database that it is -- has more suggestions for available streams:

Coma [IMDb]. Russian language, with subtitles. Fairly incredible Inception-esque CGI dreamscapes, or should I say comascapes. Directed by Nikita Argunov.

Attraction [IMDb]. Russian language. Watch with subtitles, if possible. Tubi only had the cheesy dubbed version. Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. More impressive CGI*, and interesting views of modern Moscow.


Invasion [IMDb]. Russian language, with subtitles. It's a sequel to Attraction, and Tubi calls it Attraction 2: Invasion. Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. Again, it's very interesting to see footage of metropolitan Moscow and think of it as a real place, especially in the midst of this pointless Cold War II we are having, ginned up by the usual bad actors (war contractors, CNN, New York Times, Clintons, etc).

All of these are Western-style popcorn pictures but superior in some ways to the stultifying, never-ending Marvel Universe. Coma harks back to Philip K Dick's novels Ubik and A Maze of Death as well as obvious cinematic parallels such as The Matrix, ExistenZ, and Dark City. The art direction echoes the science fiction landscapes of artist Simon Stalenhag, where impossible things loom in the distance, or overhead.

*The second image above comes from a page of concept art from Main Road Post, the CGI studio for Attraction.