guest DJ set list (August 5, 2021) - Classic House & Techno

Thanks to ffog for inviting me to guest-DJ again on his weekly internet radio show, Myocyte.
The mix was "simulcast" on anonradio and tilderadio, and has been archived by anonradio (scroll down to "Ffog - Pleasure & Discomfort Myocyte"). An mp3 version of the mix is here: [1 hr mp3] (The show was broadcast at 1 am on August 6 UTC, which is 8 pm Central, August 5, in the US.)

This was my first time streaming directly from my PC (running Linux) to the tilderadio server.* In previous shows ffog did the streaming of a mix I had previously sent him via FTP. I used the Mixxx software, which installed effortlessly on Linux and connected to the server with no issues.

Dedicated to DJ Jeff K, whose mix show on KDGE-FM in Dallas in the early '90s introduced me to many of these tunes. Also big props to DJ Buttstuff for helping me to identify some of the tracks from my tapes of Jeff K's show. And thanks to ffog for teaching how to livestream using Mixxx.

While the tracks were playing I "announced" via text chat on the #sally and #tilderadio channels on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Listeners could comment or ask questions. This is an interesting way to DJ, very different from my old FM radio days and a few steps up aesthetically from having everyone's data and souls leeched out on Spotify, Mixcloud, etc.

Set list and notes for the show:

00:00 Psychotropic - Only for the Headstrong (12 inch, 1990)
05:43 Soul Odyssey - Rapture (12 inch, 1993)
10:13 Central Fire - This Is a Shout Going Out (12 inch, 1994)
14:19 Dave Clarke - Zeno Xero - (Red 1 12 inch, 1994)
19:57 Eon - Worlds Beyond (12 inch, 1993)
25:36 Gypsy - I Trance You (12 inch, 1992)
31:23 Those Guys - Tonite (12 inch, 1991)
36:41 Last Session feat. Alton M and Kim - Sometimes I Feel Like (Chicago Vox Mix) (12 inch, 1994)
41:56 Cal-Q-Lator - Dr. Bradford (Urgent Call) (12 inch, 1994)
46:25 DJ Chris Paul - I Love You Dear (Isotonik - The Next Generation EP, 2011)
52:07 Lift - Allright (Tales From The Edge Vol. 7-8 CD, 1993)
57:59 Digital One - Thoratic (Tales From The Edge Vol. 7-8 CD, 1993)

*My mix was uploaded separately to anonradio and programmed to run simultaneously as the tilde broadcast.