bad g**gle drawing of the day


The Incredible Hulk meets Pippi Longstocking?
Is it possible a human figure drawing could be more poorly proportioned?
How is it these artists always make the most dynamic moments seem utterly slack and lifeless?
Can this artist draw a round ball?
Would someone actually play soccer wearing a foam NYC tourist "lady liberty" hat?
Is that color supposed to be verdigris?
Is it better to kick with the toe or the shin?
Do soccer fields have small mountain ranges on them?

divert and conquer


"Liberal guilt" is a term that's gone out of fashion but it's weirdly intertwined with the Silicon Valley brand of paternalism. Witness the endless parade of Others on the search page of a company that, according to Fortune, "still hasn't fixed its diversity problem" in actual hiring.
The image above, from a few days ago, depicts baseball great Roberto Clemente as seen by uncredited artist Roxie Vizcarra. (Subject and artist are never written on the page -- you have to click somewhere to find this info.)
Vizcarra renders Clemente in a generic "clip art" style, transforming him from determined sports competitor to slightly vacant pretty boy. Like many of this company's illustrations it seems oblivious to human anatomy and perspective illusionism. The batting arm, for example, appears unnaturally twisted and lifeless. Clemente stares off in the distance, presumably looking at a high pop fly he just hit -- but appears stupefied rather than focused. In fact, the baseball seems to have sailed past him and landed in a pair of... severed hands. Is that a heart-shape on the ball stitching?
The map of Puerto Rico, Clemente's home island, appears to have been conquered by the sponsoring company, which has appropriated the territory's flag.
The blue molecule next to Clemente's elbow does not mean he is also a nuclear scientist. That's the "share" icon.

Google embraces high tech animation format


This terrible GIF comes from the omnipresently self-appreciating Google search page. You might have to look at it a couple of times to realize it's not a chimney but some kind of ballot box-thing -- as in, it's election day, look at our clever depiction. (But why is it spinning, mommy?)

But notice I said GIF -- it's not HTML5 canvas whatever, which was touted a few years ago as Google's next level surpassing of cruddy old GIFs.
One blogger received a sound hazing by some of Paddy Johnson's supposedly tech-savvy commenters for suggesting that a GIF was just as good and maybe better for what Google was trying to do on the search page.
So this is kind of a nyah-nyah I told you so to those geniuses. Google bit the bullet and went back to GIFs. Let's say that again...

hat tip Dadayumn

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