the future of animation online


Above are screenshots of Google's search page today, from WIZARDISHUNGRY. The dancer moves from right to left in this animated middlebrow magazine illustration. These are not GIFs, of course, I assume its HTML5 and/or canvas. Some commentary, from twitter:

tommoody: some bad interpretive dancing and anti-aliasing happening on Google's main search page right now

tommoody: if god had wanted drawings to be anti-aliased he would never have made pixels rectangular

WIZARDISHUNGRY: v: i dont understand why they didnt just use an animated gif instead of flipping thru '150 divs with a png in each / jw: @tommoody / v: fuuu

WIZARDISHUNGRY: The compositing artifacts in today's Google sketch are fugly bullshit; too cool for a gif? @tommoody

tommoody: Google means to phase out animated GIFs and replace them with this crap: (thx @WIZARDISHUNGRY for pic)

petcortright: i want my google back