refrigerator monster


Am still finding GIFs I posted years ago that I was relying on HTML dimensions to enlarge, which became unfeasible when browsers all adopted the Safari model of making edges look as soft as a baby's skin (so you are protected from "jaggies" that might upset your web surfing mood). Am remaking them one at a time to look as they originally did on most browsers.

This one was made from individual frames captured from a popular anime series. It took forever. (Making GIFs used to be a struggle.)

"Memory Drum Solo"

"Memory Drum Solo" [mp3 removed]

Continuing a series where a long sequencer "session" is chopped down to segments a few bars in length and the bars are rearranged. To some extent this expresses my irritation with all the long-winded sequencer jams you can find on YouTube where people show off their gear. My own boredom determines where cuts are made and segments placed. One could argue that I need to be a lot more bored but that would be cruel.

This is all done with software in any case. Some filtering near the middle reminds me of one of my Hammond B-3 gods from the '70s who shall remain nameless.