self-painting painting; high-speed contemplative


GIF capture of a web page by Hypothete (Duncan Alexander). Unlike this GIF's limited palette--I cut it off at 44 KB--Alexander's "painting" keeps obliterating itself with various color combos ad infinitum.

Once again, Microsoft's inferior IE browser doesn't know what to do with the code on such pages. Its version of this one suggests an escape artist at Jack in the Box.

Unauthorized LeWitt Performances

If you dislike Sol LeWitt's late wall work--and who doesn't?--you might enjoy this series of Performances In Front of Sol LeWitt, posted by Michael Manning on the Too Much Concept blog.

Actually, am not sure what Manning thinks of the works but this is certainly more life than has happened around a Sol LeWitt in years, perhaps ever, by someone who wasn't an assistant or museum employee.

Some thoughts from my old blog written shortly after LeWitt's death.